Holiday Baking Roundup

I’ve done a lot of holiday baking over the past couple of years, so I decided to group my favorite holiday recipes together for easy access this holiday season. This way, you don’t have to scroll back through them all like I did!

Let’s start with a showstopper. This brownie pomegranate cake is a good centerpiece for if you’re having family or friends over for sit-down meal.

Almond shortbread cookies  are a super cute and would look great on a cookie plate. Just saying.

These espresso chocolate chip cookies aren’t necessarily holiday baking (I wrote the recipe over the summer) but they’re still perfect for a holiday party!

If you have friends with allergies, give them this gluten-free and vegan snack mix .


Gingerbread bars are always a good choice, because they’re not too sweet and they’re kinda flashy with the gold sanding sugar, too. 

Paleo chocolate peppermint donuts are the way to go if you’ve got allergies, or if you just want an easy donut recipe.

Pecans kind scream Christmas, so make these oatmeal pecan cookies if you’re feeling it. 

No-bake chocolate desserts are easy and great for a holiday party. 

You might think pumpkin season is over. You’ll taste these pumpkin cupcakes and realize you’re wrong.


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