LA food tour & video!

Hey everyone! It’s been a rough two weeks since I got back from spring break, but I finally got around to putting together my video and typing out all my thoughts on the amazing food I had in Los Angeles.

Pressed Juicery

Pressed isn’t endemic to LA, but they don’t have one in Chicago–or anywhere in Iowa to my knowledge–so my first official stop on the food tour was at the Pressed Juicery in the Grove shopping center.


I’ve been waiting probably around a year to try a Pressed Freeze, and it did NOT disappoint. Their chocolate flavor is made with only four ingredients, is vegan and has no added sugar. I don’t see myself moving to LA in the future, but I think I’ll have to live somewhere in the vicinity of a Pressed Juicery after I graduate.


My second stop (after a quick walk through the original LA Farmers Market in La Brea) was Fonuts, a baked donut joint that specializes in vegan and gluten free offerings.


I got one chocolate hazelnut donut (gluten free) and one raspberry vanilla donut (gluten free and vegan!) and ate them both even though I told myself I probably wouldn’t be able to finish.


These were hands down the best baked donuts I’ve ever had, and because I own a donut pan, I plan on trying to recreate some as soon as I’m home for the summer.

Sweetfin Poké

Because donuts don’t actually count as lunch, I had to stop by Sweetfin to grab some poké before checking out a thrift store or two. The man in line before me must have been ordering for his office, because he just handed the cashier the phone and had him punch it all in by himself. Shoutout to that cashier, because he’s clearly very dedicated.


I got tuna with gochujang sauce, kale and avocado all on a bed of kelp noodles instead of rice, which is a great alternative if you can’t have grains. I can, but I just figured I’d go low carb since I’d just eaten two donuts.

Sweet Butter

Sweet Butter’s breakfast was out of this WORLD and, while painfully LA hipster, was exactly what I needed before an easy hike. I got an avocado toast (duh) some flourless chocolate cake and a chai latte with oat milk, which I hadn’t tried before that day.


All the food was totally beautiful and perfect for the insta.


Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee

Half a day later, down in Santa Monica, I had to head over to Sidecar to grab a donut. Sidecar’s claim to fame is that (a) their donuts are always fresh made and (b) they have some savory flavors. So of course, I chose to try a rosemary lemon drop.


Blue Star Donuts

And now to the last stop on the food tour and my favorite by far: Blue Star Donuts. The flavors are totally crazy and also freakin’ amazing.


I got two donuts here: the first is passion fruit cacao nib, and it was sprinkled with some cayenne pepper as well for a kick. The passion fruit glaze had a super intense flavor as well.


I wish I’d been able to see some more places, especially to find healthy food, but LA is big and we only had three days.

I hope y’all got something out of this (if only some serious donut envy) and here’s to a less stressful week 3 of spring quarter!


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