April Intentions

Happy April everyone!


April is lowkey one of my favorite months for a while, and I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s because it’s spring, and that school isn’t as hectic as it gets in May. Regardless of my reasoning, a new month means new intentions!

Eat greens every day

I’m not the best at getting my greens in, especially in the dining halls. But I know that it’s good for me, so this month I’m going to attempt to eat greens every day. Even if it means picking through the dubious spring mix supplied at the dining hall salad bar.

Green smoothies are great ways to #drinkyourgreens! Though it’s important not to obsess over what you eat, greens like darker lettuce, spinach and kale provide tons of necessary nutrients.

Work out 5x per week minimum

Getting sick, finals week and spring break meant that I’ve been working out a LOT less than I would like, but April (and spring quarter) is the perfect time to get back into the groove of things! Obviously I’ll be lifting at least four of those five times, but that leaves at least one day to stick to cardio or try out a yoga class if I want. The best part is that this coming quarter, I have the time to work out before class.

DSC_0051 (1)
And I’ll be doing so in my new shoes! I am finally freed from the ones I’ve been wearing since I was 13 years old.

Visit the city at least once

One of the main draws of a Northwestern education is being so close to Chicago (which so happens to be my favorite city in the US), but it’s an opportunity I rarely take advantage of. In the spirit of having more adventures and appreciating access to a high quality public transportation system, I’ve decided that I’ll try to hit south of Howard at least once a month from now on.

DSC_0022 (1)
That doesn’t mean I’ll go back to the Bean. Randolph Street, Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park is just the area of the city I know best.

Listen closely to my hunger cues

For those of you that took the time to read my post about stress eating, here’s a tiny bit of a follow up. I am by no means totally back to eating normally, but I am feeling hunger in a much more standard way than I was a month ago. I’m actually feeling hungry and full at normal times and after normal amounts of food, so that’s a little win!

This is a totally unrelated avocado toast I had at a restaurant in Sherman Oaks. I just thought it would look sort of nice here.

I hope at least one of my intentions resonated with y’all this month. What are your April intentions? Comment below or dm me on insta @sugarandsitups.

– Cam


One thought on “April Intentions

  1. Your post has inspired me to set some intentions for this month. I, too, was sick in March and my eating habits suffered (read: I didn’t care what I ate, as long as it satisfied me) and my workouts were close to nil. This month I will play pickleball 2-3x per week (minimum of 90 minutes each time), lift 1x a week (it would be nice to do 2x), seriously up my greens intake and finally start that meditation book I bought (and get beyond chapter 1). Thanks for the inspiration!

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