2018 Intentions

Happy New Year!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to HATE New Year’s Resolutions-–why wait until January 1st to do anything? It’s not like you’re going to keep the promises anyways.

But at some point in the last few years it hit me that writing things down not only helps you remember them, but holds you a little more accountable than you would be otherwise.

“Karen, I wrote down RIGHT HERE that I’m going to start doing yoga, you better believe I’m going to yoga instead of your tupperware party on Sunday!”

All tupperware jokes aside, I do like to record my goals and intentions for any period of time, because I think they’re more likely to get done that way. I also decided to share this year’s intentions here so y’all can both get inspiration and hold me accountable.

1. Be chill being alone

I used to be the biggest introvert as a kid–I would go outside alone, play alone, read alone. But either because of social media or college or both, I’m not used to being alone anymore, and I kind of dislike being alone with my own thoughts (even though I am still introverted and people exhaust me). This year I want to become more comfortable with being alone once again, whatever that means when I have very little chance to be alone.


2. Incorporate collagen into my diet

For the past several months, I’ve been hearing tons of stuff about the benefits of collagen. As someone with an autoimmune disorder, the supposed ability of collagen to heal leaky gut is something I want to look into. I got some for Christmas, and you’re supposed to start seeing results within 60 days (fingers crossed!) so I’ll for sure keep y’all updated on whether it helps me.


3. Diversify content!

I now have a video camera, so that might make it possible for me to actually make videos for the YouTube channel I have linked up in the bar menu. There are also a plethora of awesome restaurants both in Evanston and in the city, so once I’m back at school I promise I’ll do my best to start featuring some of those. Maybe I’ll even go to some of them ~alone~


That’s it! Well, for the year-long intentions at least. As you know if you follow me on Instagram, I add new goals for each month as well, but these are the big overarching ones. Here’s to your 2018 being way better than 2017 was! Have an awesome week!

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