Favorite Products II

Hey everyone! I know that my original favorite products post was really popular, so I decided to do it over again with some new stuff and even some non-food items (gasp!)

Rx Bars


I know, I know; I did this one last time too. But I thought I’d add some more about it. Though they’re a bit expensive, Rx bars are 100% worth it, at least in my opinion. The ingredients are super clean, and half of one eaten with a piece of fruit or dipped in a nut butter is a perfect midday fuel between classes or homework assignments. Because they’re usually around $2.39-$2.99 apiece, I would suggest buying them in large numbers when there’s a sale going on – they last a while, especially refrigerated. Blueberry is my favorite flavor, but the salted chocolate one is a close second.

Epic Bars


If there’s one drawback to the unlimited meal plan, it’s that we’re paying for meat and not eating it. As expensive as private college can be, they cannot afford to buy grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs and Seafood Watch approved fish. Most of what I eat in the dining halls is vegan, so that means I need to get protein elsewhere. Though yogurt is a good start, I also crave meat sometimes, which leads me to buy these Epic bars. They’re really clean and even flavored ones (pictured) is refined sugar free.

Simple Mills Crackers


I love salty stuff. And there’s plenty of salt in the dining halls, but sometimes I just want to eat a quick snack in my room. Enter: crackers. These ones are gluten-free, grain-free and also just pretty damn good. Plus, all the ingredients are pretty clean and nutrient dense, so that’s just an excuse to eat crackers. (Note: after eating a lot of these, I did notice some bloating and discomfort. It may be the cassava flour, which is hard for some people to digest in large amounts, so just listen to your body!)

Equal Exchange Chocolate


This one isn’t as healthy as the others, but to me it’s the most important. Equal Exchange is not only freaking delicious, but one of the few brands that sources 100% of the cocoa and vanilla they use fair trade. They’re also organic, meaning they’re doing a (cocoa) solid for the people and the planet. While these bars are good for snacking, their baking chips are my favorite to use in non-paleo baking. Note: the darker bars are dairy-free and vegan, but anything lower than 80% will likely contain some milk.

St. Ives Body Lotion

DSC_0008 (2)

I am a dry human being. And by that, I mean my skin will get scaly if I even take one day off moisturizing. This St. Ives one I picked out not only smells really good (honestly the number one reason I bought it) but it’s really clean, paraben free and uses natural ingredients to smooth out the skin. Plus it’s not as expensive as comparable brands, and you can find it almost anywhere–I got mine at CVS.

Jäson Deodorant


I dunno about y’all, but I can’t stand how my skin feels when I use a conventional brand deodorant and antiperspirant. Here’s a fact: you’re supposed to sweat. When you get antiperspirants that use things like aluminum, you’re running the risk of developing blocked oil glands and swollen lymph nodes, and almost for sure stopping your body from getting rid of unwanted toxins. A lot of natural deodorant brands don’t work, but this one lasts all day and has a very inoffensive smell as well.

I hope you guys found this helpful, especially my fellow college students. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @sugarandsitups and subscribe on YouTube for more!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Products II

  1. the rx bars look amazing, i’ve seen so many people talk about them and i’m super curious! the epic bars seem a little weird, i’ve seen those in the grocery store and can’t wrap my mind around them haha


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