Hey loves,

I’m at college! I moved in one week ago for orientation and even though I haven’t actually started classes yet, I’m loving it here at Northwestern!

It’s pretty great here, at least in my opinion. Even though separation from my kitchen has been a little hard, having access to Whole Foods and keeping food in the dorm room has helped out a lot.

DSC_0003 (1)
Almond butter got cheaper in the Amazon-Whole Foods merger, so I decided to buy some and bring it back to the room. I sometimes bring it to breakfast to use instead of the peanut butter.

Having a fridge has also really been beneficial; because the yogurt in the dining hall is low fat, I went and got some full fat stuff to eat for snacks.

Plain yogurt, blueberries and Paleonola

Also, because I find regular planners to be boring, I started doing a bullet journal type thing to keep track of what all I have to do! I’ll be doing a spread tutorial sometime next month, so stay tuned for that!


Here’s the thing: being a student is a full-time job, and on top of that, I’ll have another part-time job for my work study. I might not post as frequently, but I promise I’ll still spend time on the blog. Once I get truly settled into my routine, I’ll start posting lifestyle stuff (and possibly vlogs!) about college and how I’m doing it.

Thanks again for following along, and have a great week!


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