I’m Not A Yogi

I’m not a yogi.

My first experience with yoga was in freshman year of high school. I was in early bird gym class (ew) and, hating team sports and any exercise that involved chasing a ball, chose to do “fitness” instead of “arena.” The videos we used to do yoga weren’t extremely helpful at all, but I remember actually feeling like I was getting a workout, something I didn’t feel when we did cardio (I was a competitive swimmer at the time).

Fast forward to June 2017, where I decided I was actually going to try yoga a little more seriously. And by that, I mean I used an Amazon gift card to buy a beginner mat with guidelines on it and spent a few minutes a day working on flexibility.

At first it felt like I was going nowhere. I knew I should be doing more practice if I wanted to really get good, but I got easily frustrated and didn’t know many poses. That, and it didn’t feel like a real workout. So I started doing light yoga after the gym to cool down. After about a month and a half of doing “casual” yoga, I managed to get into pigeon pose on my right side for about 3 seconds. It seems stupid and shallow, but once I did that I was all in.

I took a yoga class on vacation in Portland so I could learn some more poses and get more familiar with the standard Vinyasa flow. I’m still not a yogi; I haven’t taken any more classes and I don’t practice every day. But seeing my work (however minimal) pay off was awesome.

So no, I’m not about to drop everything and become a yoga teacher, but now that I have it, it’s going to be part of my workouts for about as far ahead as I can see.

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