Hiking Fuel 101

Hey everyone! I just got back from a quick vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park and I thought I would share a quick post on what I eat on hikes; we did four trails in three days. The longer ones mandated that we bring snacks. On Thursday, we climbed Deer Mountain, and on Friday we climbed Flattop Mountain, which is almost 9 miles round trip. I’m not any sort of super-expert, but I’ve done a fair share of hiking in my day, and I would say 9 miles isn’t bad for a girl with an autoimmune issue.


So what do you want to eat on a hike? I recommend three main things: something salty, something “sugary” and something fatty, especially if you’re going to be hiking for a long time. Confused? Check below what I recommend and why.

Something salty


When you sweat, you lose not only water but also lots of salt. Keeping electrolytes up is really important, so bringing something salty with you will help keep energy up throughout the hike. I chose these Jackson’s Honest potato chips because they don’t have anything but potatoes, coconut oil and sea salt.

Something “sugary”


Y’all didn’t think I meant refined sugar, did you? Natural sugar is always the way to go, but things like dates and dried fruit are high glycemic and will convert to usable energy quickly. Things like Lärabars, raisins and banana chips are all good options for either right before or during a hike when you feel your legs getting tired.

Something fatty


While you need something high glycemic to give quick energy, “slow release” foods are another important thing to eat while exercising. The healthy fats will both keep you full on the trail and release energy over time to keep you going. You can either eat this plain, on some crackers or bread, or by dipping an Rx bar into it (see my insta @sugarandsitups).

I hope you guys found this useful! We still have all of August for vacation, so if you’re going to be out hiking or camping, make sure to grab some of the food I suggested! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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