Paradigm Shift

I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I heard the word paradigm, it was in one of those movie theater ads that went, “Cinedigm… a new paradigm in cinema,” and I had no idea what it meant. Thankfully, my AP European history class cleared the definition up in the first few months, but I had yet to experience a real paradigm shift until recently.

Things I used to think were BS, but aren’t

Here’s a comprehensive list of the things I used to think weren’t for real or didn’t work, but actually have something to them.


I guess I sort of thought yoga was cultural appropriation (still not really sure) but what I do know is that it’s great for clearing your mind, getting flexible and working on balance. I’m definitely not serious about it, but I try to do a little bit of yoga every week just to de-stress. Plus I do some easier poses (like half pigeon) after leg day so I’m not as sore afterwards.


And I don’t mean that, “You can choose to be happy!” bullshit. I mean putting things in perspective and finding silver linings where you can. Part of being positive is acknowledging negative feelings, and you don’t necessarily have to try to get rid of them. It’s all about looking for something to be grateful for or happy about, even if it’s something small like a really juicy peach or a nice talk with a friend.

Journaling / Setting Intentions / To-Do lists

Sure it makes me seem aggressively type A, but what can I say? It makes me more productive, which means I have more time to watch YouTube videos and eat dessert.


Guys, they’re trends for a reason. I don’t care that my penchant for avocado toast bothers Gen X so much, and I will use song lyrics in my Instagram captions as long as it’s relevant. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a bandwagon, especially the harmless ones. Of course, this doesn’t mean go gluten-free for no reason, but let yourself do what other people are doing to see if you like it. Being basic is okay.

That’s a list of things I recently realized the benefits of. Below is a list of exactly the opposite.

Things I used to care about, but are actually total BS

Because back in the olden days* I thought a lot of stupid things.


This is one of the things I wish doctor’s offices would stop using immediately, because it literally means nothing. BMI doesn’t show anything but the ratio of your height to your weight, which makes naturally tall and thin people seem healthier than they are, and naturally shorter and more full figured people seem overweight when they’re not. BMI matters even less than the number on the scale, so just disregard it completely.

One fix-all diet for everyone

My mom went through this phase of being into people like Kimberly Snyder and Kris Carr, and all those raw vegan authors and nutritionists. So for a while, I felt guilty when I ate meat or something cooked because I thought I “wasn’t as healthy” as they were. Here’s the deal though: not a lot of people can eat all raw food and still digest it well enough to get the benefits. I am one of those people, and I get a lot more out of roasting my veggies. In addition, veganism does not work for everyone either. Everyone needs to eat differently because everyone is different, so don’t just go off of what the most popular celebrities do. Experiment for yourself.


I used to be a hardcore perfectionist when I was younger, but recently I realized that I can’t live my life if I’m waiting for things to be perfect. I post photos I’m not 100% happy with. I started posting food videos to my YouTube channel even though I have none of the equipment I feel as though I need to do so.

I hope you guys found this post useful! I really care a lot about what kind of content YOU people want to see, so let me know if posts like this are something of which you want to see more. Have a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. “Being basic is okay”. So true. I tire of everyone trying so hard to be different–just be–in some things you’ll be the same, in others different, it’s all good. Great post!


  2. Wonderful post.
    I once thought the same about Yoga. Was ‘blown away’ to learn how beneficial it is.
    One thing to throw in the mix as ‘food for thought’….. I have come to understand that we all are as perfect as can be, at any given moment. Much different than ‘striving’ to be a perfectionist. 😀


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