The Baltic States

Just over a week ago, I got back from a ten day orchestra tour in the Baltic States; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Photography is my second form of art (after food) so I took tons of pictures everywhere we visited. At the end of the post I also linked a short video about the experience. Hope you enjoy!

Tower in the main square of Vilnius, Lithuania.
Bricks matching my outfit in Vilnius.
Accidentally crashed a college commencement in this building in Vilnius.
Affogato at lunch with some friends. I ate one bite, but more would’ve been a mistake.
Castle in the town of Trakai, where things are measured in storks instead of stars (e.g. five stork restaurant, two stork hotel). Lithuania was only a kingdom for 10 years, so this castle was occupied by grand dukes instead.
Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.
Former guild headquarters, Riga, Latvia.
Friend and fellow violinist Hae Joo, wearing a traditional Latvian flower crown for St. John’s Eve and the celebration of the summer solstice.
DSC_0423 (1)
Cat House, Riga. (Alternate caption: the floor is men)
On point dessert selection at a rooftop restaurant in Riga.
View from St. Olav’s Church tower, Tallinn, Estonia. Over 200 steps up, but I’ve done worse.
Lahemaa National Park, Estonia.
Sweater Wall, Tallinn. Apparently this is a way to make sure socks fit.

I had so much fun in the Baltics, even though I didn’t feel so great most of the time. I’m so glad I decided to go, even if it did mean I had my violin as a carry-on.

To see more photos from the trip, especially what I ate, check out my Instagram @sugarandsitups where you’ll find commentary on the food and more of my everyday life. Thanks!


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