Summer Goals + Intentions

I don’t know about you, but I am about to experience the longest summer ever! I get done with school soooo soon and I don’t have to start classes back up again until mid September. That gives me plenty of time not only to relax, but to travel and work on some personal goals as well. Again, don’t know about y’all, but I’m super hype!

1. Work out better, not harder

In the last couple months, I’ve had a lot of trouble exercising the way I usually do. A combination of a flare of my autoimmune problems and stress at school has made in almost impossible to do more than five to ten minutes of cardio or heavy lifting before getting lightheaded and nauseous. Though I want to stay in shape, I plan to start switching from high intensity workouts a few times a week to lower intensity with more frequency. Right now I’m thinking learning some more yoga poses, going on frequent walks and maybe swimming as well. From what I’ve been reading on the internet (lol) and what I’ve firsthand experienced, taking a break from really hard cardio and weights should make it easier to get back to that once I’m ready.

2. Make sleep a priority

Not that I don’t sleep a lot compared to most people my age–I actually have a window that I consider my bedtime and stick to it as well as I can so that I can function on a daily basis–but I still always feel tired. Again, I’m not completely well, but one thing I’m going to make sure to focus on is having a consistent sleep schedule with around eight to nine hours a night. During the school year, or anytime I’m busy, it’s really hard to have a consistent schedule during the week, which leads to oversleeping majorly on the weekends.

3. Create timely content

I do this blog for fun, but food is a huge part of my life, and this is one of the things I can use to get a foot in the industry of food writing. I especially like to have things that make sense for the time they come out; fruit that’s in season, celebrations that might be coming, etc. I plan on dedicating a lot of time to recipe testing and photography so that I can continue to post while I’m at college (and not just about dorm life). I also plan on taking some video on my vacations, so stay tuned for that.

4. Be positive

I’m not necessarily a pessimist, but I sometimes have trouble being an optimist. I tend to worry and “prepare for the worst” in any an all situations, but I’m trying to be a little bit more chill and happier in general. Not being in school will help for sure, but I’m still taking suggestions on what I can do to be proactive about it. If you have ideas or things that have worked for you, definitely drop them in the comments!

I am so ready to be free this summer to eat and exercise and travel with my family! What are y’all up to this summer, and what are some of your goals?

One thought on “Summer Goals + Intentions

  1. Those are all excellent goals. I’ve been focusing a lot on the small wins in life and the goals you listed are a great way to have them throughout the day. Thanks for posting.


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