Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl + Love Trumps Hate

Valentine’s Day is usually a day associated with chocolate, candy and unhealthy food. But if you’re in a stable relationship or single and okay with it, there’s usually not a huge reason to go overboard. Still, a small gesture is nice, even on a day that’s only celebrated to sell cards.


What’s more romantic than sharing a smoothie bowl? Show your love by using the blender in the early hours of the morning and treating your loved one to a healthy, satisfying breakfast.


Though in all seriousness, even though Valentine’s Day is a bit of a joke, remembering the importance of love and compassion isn’t. In America right now, and all over the world, it’s becoming increasingly harder to show empathy and do the right thing. Governments everywhere are starting to crack down on rights; in Iowa, the legislature is for sure voting to defund Planned Parenthood. In America, people from 7 different majority-Muslim countries are being barred from entry.

As bad as that may seem, I try to remind myself that love trumps hate. Yesterday, I attended a rally for solidarity against the Muslim ban. Yes, people were fired up and angry. But I felt an overwhelming wave of positivity and support as well, because some people are still compassionate and some people still believe that love is the answer.

Whether it’s on a local stage, national stage or a personal matter, remember that love will always trump hate.


Making sure you’re taking care of yourself and living a balanced life is the first step to resistance against hate and fear. Eat your smoothie bowls and always keep fighting.



  • 1 cup coconut milk (mine had separated so I did ½ cup of the solids and ½ cup of the liquids)
  • ½ banana
  • 1 ½ cups frozen berries (I used strawberries, blueberries and blackberries)


Add all the ingredients into a blender, and blend on high speed until the smoothie comes together. It should be quite thick, and actually kind of hard to pour out.

Now it’s time for toppings; I used the other ½ banana, some granola and a handful of cacao nibs, but you can use whatever you want! I recommend something with texture, though, because that’s what makes smoothie bowls so great. Other good options would be almonds, coconut flakes or shaved dark chocolate if cacao nibs aren’t your thing.


5 thoughts on “Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl + Love Trumps Hate

  1. Looks absolutely delicious. I’m more of a smoothie drinker in the morning, but this is a great idea for weekend mornings when I have more time to eat out of a bowl. Keep those posts coming! All the food on your blog looks excellent.


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