The Apple Orchard

This past weekend I went to the local apple orchard with my family to get apples, desserts and a little outdoor time.


This time of year, there are tons of apple varieties in season. The orchard conveniently stocks apples up in a building so walking around isn’t necessary. We bought Galas, Heralds, Cortlands and a variety I’d never tried called Song of September. Naturally, I’m planning on finding ways to cook with these apples. I already have an apple crisp coming up soon, but I’ll definitely have more.



At the orchard, they also have a handful of desserts to buy. We always get half a dozen apple cider donuts, most of which my brother eats. I always have a bite or so, but fried donuts don’t always sit well with me, so I’m planning on trying a baked version. And this time I got a warm, sugar-coated apple turnover. The flaky dough was packed with apple compote and I couldn’t resist eating it quickly and burning my tongue.


But the absolute best part of the visit was this kitten I made friends with. I have two cats and, despite being allergic, love all cats more than most people. This little guy was hanging around the picnic tables and letting kids pet him, and occasionally attacking various bits of grass.


I hope you guys are having a fun start to fall–though it’s not really fall yet–and enjoy the cute pictures of this photogenic cat.




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