Berlin, Prague & Budapest

The first couple days of this trip to Europe started in Berlin, then went to Prague and Budapest, so I decided to share with you guys some pictures and details.


Berlin is a super cool city. Like many European cities damaged in World War II, it’s a mixture of old buildings and new infrastructure. However, Berlin is a little bit more interesting, because for 40 years, half of it was under communist control. This adds some Soviet architecture into the mix, and there are lots of buildings that weren’t rebuilt until the 90s, because the Soviet sponsored government of East Germany didn’t have enough money to pay for them.


The city of Berlin is entirely in former West Germany, but when the country was being divided after the war, the allies agreed to also split the capital city. This meant that the city of West Berlin was encircled–at first in theory, and eventually by an actual wall. I took this picture of Jenny and Lily at the East Side Gallery, where lots of artists from all over the world painted on the remaining parts of the wall.


Surprise! Berlin is on top of a swamp. These colorful pipes take water to and from important locations above ground, because they can’t put them under.

DSC_0040 (2)

Our next stop was Prague, which is a city that wasn’t super destroyed during the war. This means that all the stuff that looks old actually is old, something that can’t be said about most ancient looking buildings in Europe. This is a statue that is said to grant wishes, and most of the people in our group wished not to get sick with whatever virus was going around (so far we’ve done okay).


At the town hall, we climbed a tower, which gave us a great view.

DSC_0120 (1)

… but the best part was that we got to eat this dessert afterward. It’s advertised as “authentic Czech food” but our tour guide told us it originated in Hungary.


This cake is undisputed Hungarian food that we got in Budapest at this really pretty café and bookstore. It used to be a department store, so it had two floors, high, painted ceilings, and a guy playing the piano in the background. Fenna and I split and loved this cake. But what can I say, I love most cake.

DSC_0006 (1)

We also saw this really cool church. The only downside was that women were required to cover their shoulders, and it was about 95 degrees F both inside and outside.

All of these cities were so awesome and I look forward to sharing the second half of the trip with you soon!

DSC_0100 (1)

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